I Swear This Time It's Different

26 Dec 2020

This blog was supposed to be active, but it’s been 3 years and 10 months since my first post. Hopefully this time it’s different.

What Changed

I’ve changed company from Accelo to Atlassian. Over at Atlassian, there are quarterly performance reviews and regular growth conversations.

During my first performance review, I struggled to recall all the things that I’ve accomplished through the year. I’ve asked around and found this to be quite common amongst my colleagues.

Reflecting on that, I started doing weekly logs. Every Friday evening, I would spend ~30 min after work to pen down what I’ve done through the week. This is internally accessible to my colleagues to acknowledge all the help that I’ve received and share any lessons that I may have had the priviledge to learn.

I found the weekly logging session to be really therapeutic. So I’ve decided to do it for my personal life as well. Naturally, having a publicly accessible blog where I can share my lessons learnt, experiments, and thoughts. I’m more than a software developer (“I am not a number” vibe), so the contents here, while probably mostly would be about software development, may content other things that I thought would be interesting to share.

This Blog Looks So Basic

CSS/styling was never my strong suit. I find the syntax really hard to grok. Maybe one day, I’ll make it look better.

That was actually one of the reasons why I’ve procrastinated for 3 years. I’ve been trying (and failing) to pick up styling. A healthy procrastination, some would say. But to me, it was stopping me from working on the quality of my writing. So that’s the story.

I believe that there is a common trait amongst developers (or perhaps artists in general) that we are afraid to show our work in progress. I would like to break out of that mindset as I think I’ve just got to thicken my skin and accept that I’m my worst critique, and to assume the best intention in others.

Hic sunt dracones

This is a great unknown to me. As you may have seen, my last post was 3 years and 10 months ago. Who knows what lies beyond the edge of the map? We’ll see where this takes us, and I hope you enjoy the ride!